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Character Creation
World of Gods
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Character Concept

The most important aspect of a character is his personality, in general, and his worldview specifically. These are the elements that really define a character in a Deities game over any set of domains, miracles, or other stats or abilities. They appear most obviously in the character's interactions with others, such as how he talks to his followers and how he converses with other gods, but they come out subtly in the way he performs his miracles and even the extent and limitations of his domains.

For a more detailed discussion, see Character Creation.

Personality and Domains

The first step in creating a character is to decide his personality. In Deities, a god's personality is intricately tied to his domains, and so you may find it easier to decide what domains you want him to grow into before you decide his personality.

Base System

After you have decided the god's history and personality it is time to start allocating stats. The first set of stats come from whatever base system the Meta-Deity has decided to use. Consult your MD for the base system your game is to use, with the most common being the Deities Streamlined, the World of Darkness and Pathfinder.

For quick reference, below are the stats to allocate.

Deities Streamlined Base System

Com:Creation Quick Reference Table

World of Darkness Base System

Attributes 5/4/3 +3 Abilities 11/7/4
Mortal Bias 20 Natural Domains 1
Miracles 5 Domain Points 0
Willpower Res+Comp Domain Knowledge 0
Specialties 3

Pathfinder Base System

PF:Creation Quick Reference Table

Core System

With the character's personality fleshed out and his base stats chosen, it is time to apply the unique core stats of the Deities core system.


For a more detailed discussion, see Domain.

Each deity has natural aptitude in controlling a particular slice of reality. These slices are called domains and the character's natural aptitude gives him a set of natural domains.

Choose one major domain that best abstracts your character's personality and mortal life focus. This is the god's natural domain. For example, a former professor of genetics who enjoyed a house full of pets may fit with the domain of life, while a psychopathic murderer who became obsessed with psychology to understand his victims might find himself naturally adept with emotions. All medium and minor domains that fall under this major domain are natural domains as well.


For more about miracles and other powers, see Divine Wonderworking.

Each deity begins play with five minor miracles. A god may freely manifest any miracle of his tier or lower at any time, though these must fall entirely within his natural domains. Starting miracles are not so hindered.

These miracles may come from any domain, though they must still be discussed with and approved by your Meta-Deity.

Mortal Bias and Divine Powers

Finally, the mortal bias stat represents how far the character has progressed in his understanding of his new form and standing. Characters begin with a mortal bias of 20 and lower it through play as mediated by the base system.

Along with miracles, all gods have access to divine powers as listed on Divine Powers. Most of these powers are unlocked as the god lowers his mortal bias, having every god has access to certain powers regardless of mortal bias, such as flight, indestructibility, and teleportation.

Supplementary Material

The final step in character creation is the application of supplementary rules, stats, and abilities. These are game-specific and are chosen by the game's Meta-Deity. Consult with him or her to find out what, if any, supplementary material is used in your game. Below is a list of some of the more commonly chosen supplementary rules, statistics, and abilities.

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