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Mortal Bias (MB) is a collective term referring to the mortal perspectives, mannerisms, emotions, and philosophies that a god has brought with him into godhood from his mortal life. His views on life, friendship, respect, and even how he gets out of bed in the morning reflect a person acclimated and thus chained to a mortal existence. A transition into divinity immediately changes the very nature of all of these things, but a god's mind does not immediately acclimate to his new existence. Indeed, how and how quickly a god comes to understand his new identity is shaped entirely by his old.

In game terms, Mortal Bias is the core stat that measures the god's progress in breaking free of his mortal mindset and embracing his divinity. As a god's Mortal Bias lowers, he gains new core abilities called Mortal Bias Restricted Powers, his maximum benefit from having worshipers increases, his Divine Concentration increases, and more. On top of all of this, there are many supplementary rules that use Mortal Bias to determine power.

The Mortal Bias core stat lies on a 20-point scale. Characters begin with 20 points of Mortal Bias, and as the god learns and explores, his Mortal Bias lowers.


Tiers of Godhood

A three-tiered hierarchy divides many divine powers available to deities over time. These are the major (tier 3), medium (tier 2), and minor (tier 1) tiers.

From Mortal Bias 20 through Mortal Bias 14, a deity is a minor god, and the only miracles and spells available to him are from the first tier. These are called minor miracles, etc, and any god can learn them. Additionally, a minor god can only obtain points in minor domains.

Achieving Mortal Bias 13 ascends a god from the minor tier into the medium tier, to become a medium god. Now, in addition to first-tier miracles and spells, the god can learn medium miracles and medium spells, and he may obtain points in medium domains. For more about how being a medium god affects domains, see Domain.

Upon reaching mortal Bias 7, the god ascends into the highest tier, becoming a major god. All tiers of miracles and spells are available to him (see Character Advancement and Divine Wonderworking for how to obtain each tier of supernatural abilities), and he may obtain domain points in major domains.

Ascending the Ranks

The Meta-Deity may choose what Mortal Bias means for his campaign, but the canonical idea is that of the god dropping his focus from mortal life and exemplifying the qualities and meaning of his domains. This means, barring a few exceptions, as a god learns to focus less on the life, and kind of life, he left behind to focus on managing his domain, the more his Mortal Bias lowers. Conversely, as the god's Mortal Bias drops, he cares less and less about individual mortals and mortal life, and more about what happens on a cosmic scale.

The Concept of "God"

The question arises, "Does a god actually have to believe himself to be a god in order to lower his mortal bias?"

The short answer is no.

Mortal Bias is not a direct measure of divinity or perception of one's superiority. It is a measure of how much the god considers himself persisting in the mortal condition. While a lower Mortal Bias is characteristic of gods that view themselves as gods, the only necessity for lowering Mortal Bias is for the deity to no longer consider himself mortal. He need not believe he is a god, per se, but he must come into the belief that he is an exemplar of his natural domains.

The Final Mortal Bias Point

Going from MB 1 to MB 0 is exceedingly rare, even more so for player characters. However, the prospect of such a transition makes for a good story. As a new deity comes to understand what he has become, naturally he may want to learn what he progresses toward. The shedding of the last vestiges of mortal bias embodies this progression, and so the MD should have an idea of what this means for his campaign.

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