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Religious Remix is a Deities game taking place in a modern, World of Darkness setting.

Game-specific Rules

  • God Template added onto new world of darkness creation rules
    • add 3 to attributes
    • 7 spending points on each of the lower
      • skills (1 for 1)
      • specialties
      • backgrounds
      • merits
      • divine implements (2 for 1)
      • miracles (1 for 1)
  • no lowering mortal bias initially
  • Divine Implements
    • extensions of the god that is divine in itself
    • indestructible
    • come back (unless held by another god who is resisting their return)
  • Gods have eidetic memory
  • Flight speed = 600 mph * 10^( (20-MB)/2 + Flight skill)
  • Gods may choose how to receive damage. I.e. when damage is to be inflicted on the god, the god may choose to ignore it, or let it affect him as usual. The god may then at any time decide to rescind the damage and return to his original state.

Divine Artifacts

  • An artifact takes up a cleric "slot".
  • An in-domain artifact may be made one of two ways:
    1. The god invests a certain number of charges (up to 100 * 2^(tier - 1) ) into the artifact. These charges may be replenished at any time with nothing but a conscious thought on the part of the god.
    2. The god may fully invest his ability to cast the miracle into an artifact. This artifact has unlimited charges.
  • Either way, a god may not unmake an artifact without it being in his physical presence.
  • An out-of-domain artifact may only be made of the second type, namely the god must invest his ability to cast the miracle into the artifact.
  • The god may follow the silver cord of an artifact as usual.


New world modern game


  • Werewolf claws hurt
  • Vampire fangs hurt
  • The demons say god died


Amber's Memory


Amber Cadigan

Amber Cadigan was an Irish immigrant to the US that works at Stanford University as a Transgenics Expert.

Jonas Quinn

Jonas Quinn is an Experimental Physicist at Harvard University.

Leraj Sedlacek


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