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Metro Quests are the set of quests and actions currently being undertaken by Chuck Metro. This is available for the MD and other players to be aware, since Chuck can only hide his actions in cities or along roads.

Current Chuck spends his day as follows:

  1. 4 hours studying with the Elven Elder, learning about the known history of the world, as told by Elves
  2. 8 hours studying Magical Travel.
  3. 6 hours studying mundane magic.
  4. 2 hours answering prayers, particularly from his clerics.
  5. 2 hours free time, normally transmuted, drinking, womanizing, or sitting around thinking.
  6. 2 hours dealing with the daily emergency, or checking up on the cities of the South. a

Where are Chuck's Clerics currently?

  1. Game:Migus Artseller (High Art Merchant) - Main Cleric of Metropolis
  2. Game:Gary Pilcher (Thieves Guild Fence) - With mundane adventuring party, searching for ruins.
  3. Game:Burris Swordhand (Fighter Cleric) - With Level, Blacksmith, and Sereneity's Cleric Adventuring for Goodness!
  4. Game:Hanson "Level" McGee (Metals Specialist / Caster) - With Burris, Blacksmith, and Sereneity's Cleric Adventuring for Goodness!
  5. Asgood Smith (Weaponsmith) - Main Cleric of Belladin
  6. Sir Valleran of the Purple Dragon Knights (Paladin) - Main Cleric of Pern
  7. GnomeName1 (Description) - Ghome1
  8. GnomeName1 (Description) - Ghome1
  9. Elf1 (Description) - Ghome1
  10. Elf2 (Description) - Ghome1
  11. Elf3 (Description) - Ghome1


Creating a United Nations out of the Human Kingdoms

Chuck is attempting to create greater trade between the Human Kingdoms of the Eastern Continent. This will be accomplished through several steps, mostly in parallel.

  1. Belladin is being abandoned by Serenity, and therefore needs to be analyzed and fixed by Chuck.
  2. Belladin must be encouraged to ally with Pern, which will allow for a US-Soviet style push for the United Nations. This will also start the basis for trade through Metropolis.
  3. Pern and Belladin as a unified group need to send a delegation to each of the other kingdoms, suggesting an alliance between Belladin, Pern, and the individual kingdom. This will ensure that in all cases its in the best interest of any individual kingdom to sign on to allying with the two most powerful.
  4. This may work better as Chuck arriving and blessing a city, prior to the alliance team arriving, which provide credit for bringing peace for the city and region.
  • As the alliances are forged, temples will be set up, with clerics from each of the kingdoms being provided to one of the other kingdoms, so that there are diplomatic channels open.
  • Trade from each region needs to be maximized, along with a potential for higher education.
  • Reshaping of the Elves and Elven Culture

    1. Chuck has created three amulets that will open up to the portal of the Plane of Infinite Forest.
    2. Each of these young, progressive elves are now clerics of Chuck.
    3. These elves have decided to find a place and stay in place for years. This, in Chuck's eyes, will make them tend to gather into a more proper civilization.
    4. These "cities" may either stay in place or move every 100 years. It is encouraged to do both, somewhat randomly.
  • Theradrove is happy with this plan.
  • Introduction and Establishment of a Branch Office with the Dwarven Kingdoms

    1. Chuck is actively engaged in helping the dwarves, though they're pretty damn stupid.

    Understanding and Rebuilding the Foundations of Magic in this World

    1. Magic appears to be rather rare in this world and Chuck was naturally good at it.
    2. It is known that the dwarves have an extensive magical library, which should likely be bartered to get a copy in Metropolis.
    3. Chuck will also be training in magic with the elves.
    4. Chuck has built a Host-Tower of the Arcane in Metropolis, to make it the center of magical study in the continents.
    5. The tower is replacing Chuck's Temple, with a huge symbol of Chuck Metro outlined in calming and reinvigorating fire.
  • Chuck will begin training each of his clerics in magic, in addition to their clerical powers.
  • Support Metropolis

    1. Metropolis is currently the best designed city in the world.
    2. Chuck is offering to have his clerics bless vehicles and caravans for any set of trades for a significant fee. This fee ensures safe travel and protects the cargo. Any country signing on to the Military-free Plan for Assuring Continuous Trade (MPACT Treaty) will be refunded a significant portion of these expenses.
    3. Belladin and Pern are both invited to sign onto this treaty, which will be in addition to the existing peace accords.
    4. Countries have to provide three months in advance that they are leaving the treaty, otherwise all other countries signed onto the accords will cease trade with that country for a period of three months after the treaty stops.
    5. Countries found to have instigated conflict that disrupts trade or prosperity of cities in any way will be restricted from trade for a month or however long that conflict lasted, whichever is higher.
    6. In the event of god-instigated conflict, the final decision of penalties or recompense to a country will be determined by the gods.

    Gnome Gardens

    1. Chuck is working on engaging the Gnomes, and will try to change the way in which they work.
    2. Gnomes have no real imagination. They are also unable to make decisions quickly, and cannot change quickly.
    3. Because these little Gnomes are quite adventurous, they should be able to grow quickly.

    Travel Abroad!

    1. Chuck will begin working on convincing different groups of people to agree on travel abroad programs. In these programs:
    2. Individuals will sign up to travel the world as part of a "Dangergeld", once per five years.
    3. Individuals will be transported randomly to another travel circle in another city.
    4. The goal is to return home by mundane travel.
    5. Upon completion of the dangergeld, a traveler may request one (lesser) boon of Chuck, or be gifted with 1000gp and the promise of success in a city that is not of their home.

    Exploration of Ancient Cities

    1. There appear to have been a huge number of cities that were destroyed. These could easily contain magical artifacts.
    2. The traveling clerics will be encouraged to uncover and explore ruins to try to find information about previous civilizations.
    3. If cities are salvageable, Chuck is going to try to raise it out of the ground.
    4. The historical cities are of interest to Chuck even though they may not have a lot of value.
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