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Game:Beta is the philosophical successor to Game:Alpha.

On the world of Ateius, every several thousand years, a group of powerful gods disappears, and in their place appears a new group of nascent deities.


Game-Specific Rules

All of these rules are subject to change until the game starts.

Character Creation

  • Players may not spend more than 12 freebie points on Attributes (so only 3 dots may be purchased).
  • Purchasing the 5th dot of any Skill or Attribute costs the same as the others (no double-cost).


  • Affecting another god:
    • Affecting a god at all is a tier 2 power, and affecting a god against his will is a tier 3 power.
  • Spell Creation:
    • A god must have at least 5 points in the relevant domain knowledge to manifest any spell outside of his domains.
  • Ritual Creation:
    • Just as spell creation has vastly increased in difficulty, so will ritual creation. Every ritual will need extensive knowledge of mundane facets, represented by one or more Skills (e.g. Magic, Science, Athletics, Academics, Investigation, Subterfuge).
    • Every ritual has a primary domain knowledge. The creator needs one point in the primary domain knowledge if it falls within his purview, or five if it is outside.
    • If the ritual requires other domain knowledge, the creator or some contributor must have at least one point in this domain knowledge.

Innate Abilities

  • Divine Artifacts:
    • A divine artifact uses one cleric position per imbued effect.
    • An artifact can only be created from miracles or from spells for which the god has at least 5 points in the relevant domain knowledge.
    • If an artifact is emptied of charges, the god who created it may severe its silver cord no matter where it is.
      • The god may not severe its silver cord unless it is devoid of charges.
  • Divine Senses:
    • A god may sense whether an innate ability or unlocked mortal bias restricted power will succeed or fail.
      • A god may abort the action regardless of the outcome without penalty.
    • A god may sense when a tier 2 miracle or spell is performed on him and he may choose whether or not to allow it to affect him.
      • If it duplicates an innate ability or unlocked mortal bias restricted power, he can tell what the miracle or spell intends to do.

Supplementary Rules


As the last breath of life slipped from their bodies, the minds and souls of certain individuals have crossed between universes to find themselves emboldened on the world of Ateius. These lucky few have been chosen to replace gods of old who have themselves moved beyond Ateius on their next journey.

Ateius is home to a plethora of gods, numbering in the hundreds, who have each discovered their natural talents, and vie for their own sliver of power in the universe. Many of the most successful gods have joined into two kinds of alliances. The first is the pantheon. Each god is naturally powerful under a set of sections of reality called domains. Mortals only really believe that one god holds absolute power over a given domain, so groups of gods with different domains who want power over the same set of mortals form a pantheon. They agree to respect each other's followers in return for a guarantee of local sovereignty over their domain. Because this is a strictly geographical alliance, most pantheons experience severe internal strife, leading at times to holy war between followers, but the pact of no direct interference is always maintained.

The second alliance is the philosophy. On a cosmic scale, most gods fall into one of two philosophies: that of the Jandani or the Mysvex. These are like-minded individuals from differing pantheons who are united under a common ideal. The Jandani believe in fundamental rights for mortals, whereas the Mysvex believe that mortals are at worst dirt and at best cannon fodder. On Ateius itself, philosophical alliances generally mean little, whereas in the astral realms, the gods duke it out for control over the Ideals.

Freely Available (Public Domain) Spells

There are two major philosophical groups, the Jandani (yon-DON-ee), who believe in fundamental rights for mortals, and the Mysvex (MISS-vex), who don't. Both offer a common set of spells, and the Mysvex offer more.


Name Description Domain Attribute + Ability
Teleport Mortal When teleporting, the god may take up to 2^(successes) mortals with him. Each mortal leaves a clap of thunder and a rush of wind in his wake. {{{m1dom}}} Wits + Flight
Heal Mortal Any physical trauma is healed with a patch of pinkish-red flesh that slowly changes to the mortal's natural tone over the course of several decades. Diseases, toxins, and poisons are immediately expunged through the mortal's skin (or scales, or hide, etc.) in the form of a viscous pink slime that is itself highly toxic to all mortals but the one excreting it. (The slime is abiotic and homogeneous, so it may be dematerialized.) {{{m2dom}}} Intelligence + Medicine
Identify Worshiped When cast on a mortal or avatar, the caster receives a vision of the target's god in that god's true/original form. This god is determined by the target's silver cord, so if the target has no silver cord, the spell fails. {{{m3dom}}} Wits + Empathy
Telekinesis (Non-living Objects Only) Move any non-living matter by force of thought. Every movement is accompanied by gusts of wind emanating from the moving target. Successes on roll determine the magnitude of force generated and fineness of motion. {{{m4dom}}} Dexterity + Artisanship
Prophetic Vision Give chosen mortal a prophetic vision. {{{m5dom}}} Presence + Expression
Walk the Ethereal Plane The god may move between the Ethereal plane and whatever realm he physically inhabits, and may move within the Ethereal plane while there. When he shifts, echoes of each plane filter into the other through the breached area, so the material plane hears whispers of ghosts and specters, while the Ethereal plane hears distant shouting of vibrant life. {{{m6dom}}} Dexterity + Occult
Command Animal Give simple commands to as many animals as successes scored roll. Animals respond as if blissfully happy to fulfill the caster's commands. {{{m7dom}}} Presence + Animal Ken
Trace Prayer Receive a vision of the mortal who made a prayer in the last half hour. The god can then teleport to the location seen. {{{m8dom}}} Wits + Empathy
Summon Deceased Follower Bring the soul of a named follower from the Deadlands to the Ethereal plane where the god casts this spell. The soul is surrounded by a hair-thin layer of ectoplasm to provide anchor, and a single black thread that tapers with distance emanates visible to all who can see the dead belie that the soul should be in his afterlife. {{{m9dom}}} Dexterity + Investigation
Shape Matter Change the shape of any homogeneous material without needing to destroy it. Matter shaped in this way gains slight visible imperfections that hint it was melted and cast in its new shape by a mold. {{{m10dom}}} Strength + Artisanship
Possess Mortal The god force; a mortal to perform actions as if the god were performing them himself. I.e. the mind of the god supplants the mind of the mortal, and the god commands the mortal's body. When the spell is released, the mortal believes he had gone temporarily mad. {{{m11dom}}} Manipulation + Intimidation
Shape Fire The god may take existing flame, enlarge it or shrink it, and move part of it briefly through the air to another fuel. If the fuel is sufficiently large, the god may, for example, use the flame from a match to draw a shape in the fuel. Successes determine amount of fire controllable in this way and the fineness of the manipulation. {{{m12dom}}} Dexterity + Occult
Shape Water As with shape matter, but water moved in this way constantly drips as if being forced into shape by a leaky pipe. {{{m13dom}}} Dexterity + Persuasion
Control Temperature Control the temperature of a target (living or non-living). The god's skin temperature changes by the same amount, causing burns or frostbite to appear when appropriate. This scarring vanishes when the spell is released. Successes determine magnitude of the temperature change and the fineness of the volume targeted (e.g. 1 success gives a rough sphere or the whole object, whereas 10 successes lets the god melt away material surrounding a sculpture from a solid block). {{{m14dom}}} Stamina + Resolve

Mysvex Only

Name Description Domain Attribute + Ability
Create Soul Crystal Forge a soul crystal using an available mortal soul. The god must have some access to the Ethereal plane (either through the MB 19 power Deathsight or an analogue of the Walk the Ethereal Plane spell), and he must have access to the soul either by it lingering in ghost form or from a spells such as Summon Deceased Follower. The resulting crystal glows faintly with a color specific to the god who casts the spell. {{{m1dom}}} Presence + Resolve

To Add

  • Darksight
  • Ring of Truth
  • Whereami
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