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Domain Knowledge measures a god's fundamental insight into a facet of reality. Unlike domains, domain knowledges are not fixed at character creation, nor does the player choose any. Like a mortal skill, a deity increases points in a domain knowledge by study and practice. Unlike domain points, the points in a domain knowledge are not restricted by mortal bias, and domain knowledges is not classified by tier.

After a god has sufficiently studied a domain, he gains points in a related domain knowledge that corresponds to a medium level domain. Domain knowledge is measured on a 10-point scale.

Difference from Mortal Knowledge

Whereas mortal knowledge is a collection and organization of facts about the universe, domain knowledge is fundamentally different. Obtaining domain knowledge requires the divine insight of a god, and it measures not just how the universe is, but how it could be, under influence of the god's divine power.

When a mortal ascends to divinity, he newly attains this necessary divine insight, and if, somehow, a god were to become mortal again, this insight would be lost. This all means that a god starts his existence with no domain knowledge, and the mind of no other kind of being can support such knowledge.


Acquiring domain knowledge is equal parts study and equal parts experimentation. To listen is to know; to do is to understand. Because a domain can encompass almost anything, likewise a domain knowledge can encompass almost any collection of facets of reality. Often this means it is difficult to decide just what a god should study and do to obtain domain knowledge. However, whatever he does, one thing should remain universal: domain knowledge is the divine know-how on how to shape reality. It should not come quickly or easily, but it is left up to the Meta-Deity to decide precisely what is required and how long it should take in his game.


The more a god understands the universe, both how it is and how he can shape it, the easier it is for him to perform new, wondrous actions. This means domain knowledge can reduce, or eliminate, many of the requirements for creating new miracles and spells. Rituals require at least one point of domain knowledge in order to create, learn, and cast. (For information on the specifics, see Divine Wonderworking and Character Advancement.) Also, depending upon the base system, whenever a god performs a miracle or casts a spell, domain knowledge directly aids in this action.

Beyond this, there are no other defined core rules for domain knowledge, but given its concept, there are many other conceivable uses that can be defined through supplementary rules. For example, better understanding of another god's domain could allow the god to perceive when that other god performs miracles. Alternatively, in a more divinely malleable setting, breaking beyond six points of domain knowledge could allow a god to reshape that facet of reality permanently, as the Divine Decree power, without that domain being his own.

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