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The expanded Divine Decree is an optional mortal bias restricted power of a god. When a god begins to realize the control he has over the world, he can make a divine decree regarding one or more of his domains. To do this, the god must simply recognize that he can make a decree and will himself to do so. The next words that he says become divine law.

For example, the god of magic may make any decree as to how magic works, while the god of life may choose what creatures will act in what ways. Common themes in mythology are a god cursing a mortal so that flowers will wilt in their presence, and likewise.

A god has complete control over his decrees. He may change them or revoke them at will at any moment. However, a god may not change or revoke a decree made by another god. In this way, gods have control over their domains, and new gods arising in a domain cannot completely usurp an existing god.

If a god loses his connection to a mortal world on which he has made decrees, these decrees move from divine law to natural law, meaning that they remain in effect until another god makes decrees to replace them.

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