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Divine Concentration is a measure of how many divine actions a deity can focus on making at a time. When he first gains divinity, a god is unaccustomed to his new form, reflected in his high Mortal Bias and also in his low concentration. As he ages and expands his understanding, the god gains access to new abilities, sheds his Mortal Bias, and can confortably split his focus between many divine activities simultaneously.

Divine concentration may be used to

  • Cast a miracle
  • Use a power
  • Empower a miracle or mundane action

Concentration is replenished on a per-round basis. Ongoing miracles do not require concentration to maintain; only the first casting of a miracle requires divine concentration.

Empowering an Action

Mechanically, empowering a miracle or action takes a different form depending on the base system used, but each version represents the same idea. As a god sheds his Mortal Bias, he gains greater access to his divine might. This might is reflected in the additional Divine Powers, but in its purest form it represents the ability to shape reality to his will. With regard to a miracle, a god with less Mortal Bias can put more power into his miracle, causing even a minor miracle to reach greater and greater heights.

When performing a mundane action, the will of the god subtly shapes reality around him to help him succeed. In this way, gods are simply better than mortals at most tasks, and a sufficiently old god may perform greater than the best mortal even if he has never attempted the task before.

If a god has training in a mundane task, even young gods may acheive superhuman feets. It is this power that allows a god of the hunt to hit the exact same spot with each shot of a bow, splitting the arrow that came before it. Or that allows a god of music to pick up a new instrument and play it as a master. Or that allows a god of the forge to be able to craft a perfect replica of a weapon he has never seen previously.

Supplemental Extension: Prestidigitation

A natural extension of divine empowerment is allowing a god the pure use of his divine will to shape reality. Rather than empower a mundane action or existing miracle, the god effects a reshaping of reality entirely through will, allowing changes that cannot be physically performed. These effects must be weaker than minor miracles, but they are not constrained by the god's natural domains or domain knowledge. For more details and examples, see Prestidigitation.

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