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The Deities Streamlined base system is designed to require as little complexity as necessary to fully describe the mundane aspects of a god character and resolve conflicts by dice roll.



There are two sets of base stats, the forte/failing and boons. Each character has one forte and one failing chosen between Physical, Mental, and Social. They cannot be the same.

A character also starts with 30 points of boons. Boons are either general or specific. Specific boons cost one point each, and general boons cost two. No boon value may exceed 5 at character creation (and generally 4 + (21 - MB)). These are very similar to skills from Dungeons & Dragons, but they are not limited to a fixed list and may be anything a Meta-Deity deems appropriate. Examples of general boons include Expression and Occult, while under Expression falls the specific boon of Leadership, and Rituals under Occult. Recommended boons covered by at least one character in the group (but good for any character): Investigation/Search (for actively looking for things), Awareness/Notice (for passively noticing things), Empathy/Sense Motive (for reading between the lines), Subterfuge/Bluff (for lying), and knowledge pertinent to the campaign, such as the Occult, Science, Werewolves, or Amish Space-Planes.

More general examples include Acrobatics, Athletics, Awareness, Crafting, Driving, Empathy, Firearms, Flying, Hand-to-Hand, Intimidation, Logic, the Occult, Science, Subterfuge, Technology, Weaponry and Wilderness Survival.

On top of these come the Deities core stats. Characters begin play with

  • a Mortal Bias of 20,
  • a set of Natural Domains,
  • and five starting miracles.

Basic Description

Every action can be divided into one of three categories: physical, mental, or social. Each character is strong in one of these and weak in another. An athlete will possess a physical forte and may have a social failing; he can run, jump, and climb naturally well, but he's just not good with people. A failing does not mean he has a disability, but that he simply does not naturally do well. A philosopher will possess a mental forte and a physical failing. He spends much of his time thinking, some of his time socializing, and very little of his time physically active. As people generally pick professions emphasizing their strengths and ignoring their weaknesses, this is at apt spread.

Boons represent what the character has focused his study or practice in, or they can represent further natural aptitude in a more specialized manner.

Performing an Action

There are two types of action: contested and uncontested. When a dice roll is made, the numbers on the dice and the appropriate bonuses are added together to give a final result. To succeed at the action, this final result must meet or exceed the Threshold. For a contested action, the player is rolling against either an NPC or another player, and so the Threshold is the result of the other roll. For an uncontested action, the Threshold is set by the Meta-Deity and is told to the player on the MD's discretion. The Threshold is generally unknown by the player for mundane, uncontested actions.

Making the Roll

Before the dice are rolled, the Meta-Deity decides the focus of the action, which is either physical, mental, or social, and decides if any of the character's boons apply. A boon can partially apply, totally apply, or not apply. If a boon does not apply, it provides no bonus to the roll. If a boon totally applies, it provides its level as bonus to the roll. If a boon partially applies, it provides half its level (rounded down) as bonus to the roll.

If the focus of the action matches the character's forte, he rolls 4d6, if it matches his failing he rolls 2d6, and if it matches neither he rolls 3d6.

Thomas plays Jeff the god of biscuits, and Jeff is attempting to bake the tastiest biscuit ever baked. Thomas's Meta-Deity decides that the threshold is 30, as there have been some mighty tasty biscuits baked in the past, and tells Thomas that the focus of the task is Mental, as the most important parts of baking are knowing what to do and being aware of the best times to do them. Jeff has a boon of 15 in Baking, so Thomas asks his Meta-Deity if this applies. The Meta-Deity agrees and says the boon totally applies. Jeff has a forte of Mental, so Thomas rolls four 6-sided dice, getting 6, 2, 4, and 4, which adds to 16, and he adds his 15 from Baking, giving him a total of 31. Thomas's Meta-Deity tell him that Jeff succeeds at baking the world's tastiest biscuit.

Divine Concentration

Being gods, player characters have some control over reality by exerting their divine will. Each round a god has a pool of Divine Concentration equal to (21 - MB). Some of this may be spent on mundane actions. For each point of concentration spent on an action, the player adds another d6 to his roll. This expenditure may occur after the player has rolled, but must be done before the MD tells the player the result of his roll.

Casting a Miracle

The roll for casting a miracle is much the same as for performing a mundane action, but some aspects of the Deities core rules also come into play. A miracle has a set focus chosen by the player at the miracle's creation; this reflects the characters perceptions of what he's changing in the universe and how he's changing it.

If the god has any domain points in the miracle's domain, he will add to the roll total another number, in addition to any boons. This number depends on the number of domain points and follows the Fibonacci sequence.

DP1 DP2 DP3 DP4 DP5 DP6 DP7 DP8 DP9 DP10 DP11 DP12 DP13 DP14 DP15 DP16 DP17 DP18 DP19 DP20 ...
1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 233 377 610 987 1597 2584 4181 6765 10946 ...

At the miracle's creation, the player and Meta-Deity agree on how the roll's total determines the result, so, unlike most uncontested mundane actions, the player knows exactly what kind of Threshold he needs to achieve for the intended result. And as with mundane actions, Divine Concentration may be spent to augment the roll.

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