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An Avatar is a kind of sapient extension of a god's divine will and presence. It is a sapient being of the god's design with the ability to cast weakened versions of the god's minor miracles.

When a god creates an Avatar, he separates a piece of his divine form and molds the materials of reality around it to make his servant. As it was made from the god's divinity, the Avatar possesses an augmented form of the Divine Spark. It has access to reduced versions of the god's minor miracles and may cast them whenever it wants or needs. It also possesses sapient awareness and general intelligence as a mortal, but due to being forged by the god himself, it has an unswerving loyalty to the god. Due to this nature, it does not count toward mortal followers.

By default, a god may only have one Avatar, but there are several possibilities for expansion.



An Avatar is an extension of the divine form, and as such the creating god has complete control over the physical form of the Avatar. A god with a large, geographically disparate worshiper base may need an Avatar to be where he can't, so he would make one in the image of himself or the race of followers with which it will interact. If a god wants to use the Avatar to protect a magical artifact, he will make it a large, imposing figure with natural weapon-like features and a harsh, stoic demeanor. On the other hand, a god may want the Avatar to explore some region of the mortal world or even an Astral Realm, and in this case he would give it a form and features that would aid in its travel and observation of the terrain it is to cover.

An Avatar must have a contained, physical form no larger than a house (no gaseous or ethereal Avatars of planetary size), but beyond that its shape is at the whim of the deity and player. As with any miracle, the player must be given final approval by the Meta-Deity on his Avatar.

Supplementary Rules

Below are a few ideas for expanding the core one-Avatar-per-deity rule.

Function of Mortal Bias

One of the simplest extensions of the Avatar system is to allow a god to make an additional Avatar with each additional drop in Mortal Bias. In this way, a god with Mortal Bias 15 may create one Avatar, and a god with Mortal Bias 5 may create eleven.

Domain Point-Buy

To add significant variety to Avatars, and to elevate their position in a campaign, at Mortal Bias 15 a god is granted a number of Avatar points equal to their maximum possible Domain Points. Thus at MB 15 the god possesses 18 Avatar points, at MB 10 he possesses 33 Avatar points, and at MB 1 he possesses 60 Avatar points. These may be spent according to the table below.

Health* Powers
1 - Create a Hero-class Avatar 1 - Flight
2 - Double the health dice of the average Hero 1 - Hearing mortal prayers in the local area in the god's domain
3 - Immunity to all damage caused by a certain material or weapon type 1 - Sensing the deity's domain in the local area
6 - Immunity to all damage EXCEPT that caused by a certain material or weapon type 1 - Aura
9 - Immunity to all damage EXCEPT from a relatively rare material/weapon/spell 1 - Specialty knowledge, such as expertise in a profession or school of mortal magic
* Each higher health type encompasses the previous (e.g. 2 points for double health dice includes creating the Avatar).

Jeff the god of Biscuits has just achieved a Mortal Bias of 15 and decides to make some Avatars. With 18 points to spend, he would like to create a league of elite master bakers to spread his message of pastry heaven. The minimum to do this is 1 point to create the Avatar and 1 point for his specialized baking knowledge. Thus, Jeff creates a team of 9 expert bakers and sends them to the corners of the world with the Good News.

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