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The Astral Realms is a collective term referring to any realm outside of the Deadlands (including the material realm). From the outside, all astral realms are of finite physical size, and so if one can figure out how to get out of an astral realm and into the void between realms, the traveler could simply move to and enter another astral realm.

It should be noted that successfully departed souls do not enter the astral realms. They enter the lands of the dead (also called the Deadlands).



The laws of an astral realm are determined by the type of astral realm, and the ability of a god to change these laws, called its mutability, depends on the affinity of the realm for the god. Further, if the nature of the astral realm runs counter to the natural domains of a visiting god, the god may find his abilities weakened. For example, a god of chaos would find a nature realm immutable and a realm of order draining. No realm, however, can completely strip the powers of a god from a god.

Further specifications on the nature, number and types of astral realms are game-specific.


From MB 18 to MB 10, a god may only travel to astral realms. Any other actions a deity wishes to perform must be done with mortal magic. At MB 9, gods gain the ability to teleport other objects and beings, including mortals, along with themselves to locations and astral realms that resonate with their domain.

If a mortal travels to and gives birth in an astral realm, the offspring is still mortal, and its home realm is considered the home realm of its parents. If the mortals born in the realm remain in the realm their entire lives and give birth in the astral realm, their children are considered natives to that astral realm.

Silver Cords

For a complete description, see Followers#Silver Cord.

Silver Cords are mystical connections between devout followers and the deities they follow. They extend through the Astral Realms as a glowing silvery thread; its thickness depends on the level of devoutness. These types of silver cords are invisible to all but those who know the magic to look for them. In theory, a mortal traveler could follow a silver cord to a particular deity, but deities generally move about far too quickly for a mortal to keep up.

Dream Realms

Dream realms are a special type of astral realm. A dream realm is an astral realm projected inside of a deity. Consequently, a god cannot travel between dream realms and other astral realms. The only place a god in a dream realm can go is into the dreams of a mortal in physical contact with the god's physical form.

Void Between Realms

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The void between realms could be considered a realm in and of itself, however its rules are very different from material realms. First, travel between realms is governed by force of will. The more a traveler firmly desires to reach a location, the faster he will make it there.

The void is also very hazardous to mortals. Any mortal not protected by a spell or miracle will suffocate in the astral void. Though even this is not enough. Prolonged exposure to astral travel tends to disassociate a mortal from his home material realm. This culminates after several decades of continuous exposure to turning the mortal into an Outsider.

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