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Of the core abilities, Divine Wonderworking contains all abilities that are deity-specific. While Divine Powers are obtainable by any god, miracles and spells must be created or taught in order to be acquired.



Miracles are the bread and butter of divine existence. From turning water to wine, slaying the first born males of a nation by plague, or sending lightning bolts to strike down foes, gods perform miracles of all sorts. As opposed to Innate Powers, miracles are deity-specific, as typically a god of death cannot turn lead into gold (though there are exceptions; see Spells below).

As with domains and gods themselves, miracles are divided into a three-tiered hierarchy of minor miracles, medium miracles, and major miracles. The differences between the tiers lie mostly in scope, as it should be simple even for a minor god of healing to heal a mortal of all of his wounds, no matter how grievous. Minor gods can only create or learn minor miracles, while major gods can create and learn miracles of all levels.

When a god performs a miracle, he is using his divine power to alter a small portion of reality. Unlike what may be required by mortal magic, miracles rarely if ever require some sort of material component, verbal command, or physical gesturing. The god simply causes something to change or happen.

The exact effect of a miracle is extremely god-specific, and when crafting a miracle for a god, care should be taken to choose aspects of the miracle that reflect the beliefs and personality of the god creating it. For example, instead of simply causing fire to snap into existence, a loud, outspoken, violent god could make it explode into the target, whereas a quieter deity may make the target slowly smolder until the flame almost-imperceptibly emerges into being. Rather than generically healing a mortal's physical wound, a vivacious, loving god of life may cause the surrounding flesh to revert to a more youthful stage, giving an aged worshiper a patch of young skin across his chest. A cruel, sadistic god of life may twist the mortal's flesh, giving him a hideous, iconic scar in exchange for its repair.

Miracle Descriptors

Each miracle created must be designated the following attributes:

  • Name
  • Short, precise description of effects
  • Minor, medium or major domain
  • Base statistics (stats used to determine the results of casting)
  • Tier

A miracle's name can be just a mnemonic to remember the miracle (as domain names are with domains), or it can be a distinctive title for the wonder that the deity relates to his followers. The description depends, of course, upon the exact effects of the miracle. What a miracle does precisely should be discussed at length with the Meta-Deity. Once it is written down, the wording of the miracle should be employed for the majority of the time it is performed, though there is always some leeway in unusual circumstances. Again, in these cases, the exact effects of the miracle should be discussed with the MD.


Between the two methods of wonderworking, miracles are the easiest to obtain, and thus have the fewest requirements. In the Deities Streamlined base system, a miracle can be obtained in three ways: obtained with skill points when a deity drops a point of mortal bias, purchase with a small expenditure of experience points, or freely manifested if the god has obtained sufficient Domain Knowledge for the relevant domain. For the exact count, see the table below.

# Bonus
1Minor miracles free
3Medium miracles free
5Major miracles free

Obtaining a miracle in another base system may differ.

Example Miracles

Teleport with OtherWhen the god teleports a league or more, he may take as many companions with him as twice the successes scored on his roll. His companions are near-instantaneously dragged into his wake, as if sucked into an invisible hole.Mystical TravelWits + FlightMinor (1)
BloomAny forest plant touched by the god is healed of all injuries and is pressed immediately into its mature (or fully-bloomed) stage. If the stages differ, the god may choose at the time of performance, and if the plant has permanently passed that life-stage, it reverts.Untamed ForestsPresence + SurvivalMinor (1)


Spells are miracles a god has acquired outside of his domains. They may have been taught to him by another god who possesses them as miracles, or he may have created them himself from intense study. Whereas miracles are those powers a god naturally manifests in his domains, spells are exertions of divine will that the god has taken the time and effort to learn and master.

In all form and function, spells are identical to miracles. They fall into the usual minor, medium, and major hierarchy, and each has an associated minor or medium domain, base statistics, and so forth. If a god learns a spell from another god, all of the spell's attributes are simply copied over. To change any aspect of the spell requires a new spell, and if the teaching god cannot create miracles in the relevant domain, the learning god cannot learn the changed spell.


Other than learning from another god with the desired spell or miracle, spells are much harder to create than miracles. To create a spell, the god must have at least some relevant domain knowledge. For the exact numbers, see the table below.

# Bonus
1Minor spells for XP
2Medium spells for XP
3Major spells for XP
4Minor spells for free
5Medium spells for free
Major spells cannot be manifested for free

For example, if a god of blacksmithy wants to create a spell to see from a distance a place he has already visited, this can be treated as a minor miracle under the Clairvoyance medium domain. He must have earned at least one point in the Clairvoyance Domain Knowledge in order to create this spell.

The cost to create a spell depends on the base system, but it is typically much higher than for a miracle. However, as with miracles, if a god raises his domain knowledge to a sufficient degree, creating spells is free. This point, however, comes much later for spells than miracles, as the god does not have the natural flair with the domain necessary to manifest the spell more easily.

If a god learns a spell from another god, and the spell falls under the learning god's domains, he learns it as a miracle, and the costs to learn the spell are treated as such.

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